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Keep Motivated Around Negative People

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 20 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Motivation can be quite difficult to maintain at a constant rate at the best of times. Therefore, it can often seem impossible if you’re surrounded by negative people. Whether it’s complainers, whingers and moaners or those who always see the problem but never the solution, it can be demoralising and energy sapping to those of us who are trying to stay positive.

Negative behaviour is more commonly displayed by people who have given up on their own dreams and have lost hope or by those who are tired or lazy. Then there are others who generally tend to have a reasonably good attitude towards life but who start to ‘flake’ and end up becoming negative whenever a problem arises or something doesn’t go according to plan or to their expectations.

The important thing is to remember that you, and only you, are in complete control of your own actions and moods. By accepting responsibility for how you feel and how you relate to the world around you and by maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll be able to keep progressing. This will help you to maintain your motivation towards moving forward, no matter what others are doing or what they might think. That’s their problem, not yours.

Know What Your Goals Are & Believe In Them

Having clearly defined and achievable goals in life to work towards can help to counteract the effects of any negative behaviour around you. Negative people will try to suck the energy right out of you and to bring you down to their level. Their attitude is often one of “Well, if I’m unhappy, I’m going to make sure everyone around me is too.”

However, don’t be put off and don’t let other people determine your feelings and attitude for you. Stick to your goals and believe in them. If you’re optimistic and maintain belief both in your goals and in your ability to achieve them, nobody can steer you away from your clearly defined path. Whilst it’s inevitable that you can never go through life without encountering any negative people, you can keep your own motivation and remain in sole control of your own destiny.

Seek Out Support From Positive Thinkers

Most of us who want to better ourselves will have hopes, dreams and aspirations to some degree or another. That’s what keeps us going. However, in order to maintain your motivation, you should only seek out those with whom to share your dreams that will be supportive of your aims.

There is nothing worse than telling negative people that you plan to work towards achieving something better in your life. They’ll only try to ridicule your ideas and try to destroy your aspirations in the hope that they can drag you down to their level. They’ll want to do that simply because they don’t want to feel as though they’re the odd one out. So, don’t let them do it.

If you ever find you’ve come across a particular obstacle or problem in pursuing your goals, always seek out advice from people who can help you. This is extremely important as it’s in those times when things might not be going quite according to plan that the negative people can cause you to abandon your dreams if you let them. So, remain strong and positive and don’t deviate from your chosen path.

Keeping your motivation and staying positive when we’re all often exposed to hurdles and obstacles that are put in our way as well as the doom and gloom constantly perpetuated by the various media we’re exposed to could be enough to sap the spirit of anybody.

Add in to the mix those people who have already given up on their own dreams and it’s little wonder why so many dreams and aspirations remain unfulfilled and abandoned, never to be followed through. So, don’t allow negative people and negative behaviour to destroy you.

Always remember that whilst you may encounter moments of doubt, one negative thought can quickly lead to another….then another and so on. So, if you do find you sometimes temporarily lose sight of your vision, drive and enthusiasm, do whatever it takes that works for you to get back on track as quickly as possible.

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